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Kevin Westlake


No talking at the back!

I was born in Wales but brought up in London where I have lived all my life so far.

I've had a fairly diverse career in music from the early beginnings in the 60's playing British rock/rhythm & blues through to what I do in the present which, I would class as performing arts and improvised music. In the time spanning between, I've been a bandleader, band member, sideman, session man, composer, arranger, in many styles of music and performance including, rock, jazz, folk, dance, orchestral, and things so weird and wonderful that I cant recall them!

And what does all this equate to? Bugger all actually.

Being an 'illiterate' musician I have always had to improvise in all the various musical situations I've ended up in bar none, so doing what I do now is kind of second nature and very challenging every time one performs.

Anyway, let's move on.

The music so far
A little history of my time in the profession so far (well not so little actually!).

Equipment and guitars etc.
Loads of info and comments on equipment and guitars that I've owned or used including the Gtr synth.

Stuff I've done myself, contributions and collaborations.

Things to do and see in London
Just checking!

Other sites to visit

Happydays! lofi productions
Sick of listening to well recorded, well played Muzak? Well be sick no more!

Get in touch (why don't you?)
You can reach me at Broadmoor or more directly,

And remember ; it's better to be a Cheeky Plucker
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Never let go. BG.