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I’ll make no bones about it, I find discography's pretty boring so it may surprise you not, to find me lacking in any accurate lists of dates, labels, and what have you, regarding what I’ve been up to over the past thirty odd years. So I’ll just list what comes to mind and maybe you can help me fill in the details!

The 1960’s.
The Ingoes recorded and had three items released on the Riviera(?) label in France and Italy. Le Monkiss(EP) in France and also Help! (in French!). In Italy Help!(in Italian!) oh yeah!
Blossom Toes
Recording exclusively for Marmalade records, releasing two albums and two singles and one EP.
We are ever so clean (Album) 1967
If only for a moment (Album) 1969
Postcard, I’ll be your baby tonight, (singles),
Peace loving man
(EP). 67-69 ish ?

B B Blunder

Workers Playtime (Album) UA 1971
Sticky Living (EP) UA 1971

Albums with sister in law!
Julie Driscoll/Tippett)
Marmalade music with Blossies
Sunset Glow Utopia records (1976?)

(Keith Tippett Orchestra
Septober Energy (Double Album) UA? 1971. BIG stuff!

Solid Gold Cadillac

Brain Damage (Album) RCA 1973. Jazzrockpop mayhem!

Kohntarkorsz (Album) 1974 . Two contributions, duet with Christian Vander and ‘prepared guitar ‘ on Yanik Top’s Mechanik Machine(!).

Albums with Mike Westbrook

Brain Damage.
as above
Citadel/Room 315. Orchestra featuring John Surman (1975)
Love/dream and variations. Orchestra (1976)
The Cortege Orchestra (1982)
London Bridge Jazz Orchestra plus Sinfonietta.
On Duke’s Birthday. Orchestra (1989)
The Dance Band- Pierides Music from the collaboration between the Westbrooks and the London Contemporary Dance Company
Off Abbey Road. Octet performing Mikes arrangements of the Beatle’s Abbey Road album (1990).

Most of these works have been re-released by various companies over the years on CD and cassette . Fill me in and I’ll fill it in!

Albums with Kevin Coyne

Bursting Bubbles
Sanity Stomp with Robert wyatt (1980)
Pointing the Finger (1981)
Again, many re-releases on various label's over the years (know any?).

Solo and group projects (1980s - 90s)

Slaughter on Shaftsbury Avenue (Reckless records 1988).
Heralded as my first ‘solo’ album but in fact a collarge of recordings from three combos I was part of and composed for. (instrumental).

Mirage- ‘Now you see it’ Compendium records(1977)
Quartet (Instrumental)
Recorded on a pig farm in Tring, Hertfordshire on Yes’s mobile 24 track studio and if you listen intentally you may hear the occasional grunt now and again!

Full Monte
Two items available from this improvising quartet and more in the future as the band is still fully functional.
Life in the Grand
Hotel, available on cassette or CD if ordered,
Cassette from Chris Biscoe (check his website) and CD from me.
Spark in the Dark. Slam CD209, again available from, Chris, me, Marcio Mattos, Tony Marsh (check all websites).

Red Toucan records, series: Open Fields
Improvising quintet comprising : Ian Smith, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Marcio Mattos, Double Bass, Chello, Mark Sanders, Drums, Thebe Lipere, Percussion.
Again available from any of the players(check the web) oh , I forgot! Me on Gtr Synth!

There’s probably loads more stuff I’ve been on but I’m getting a headache thinking about it so , that will do for now.

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