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Happy Days Productions!

What's all this about then?

Well, I've amassed rather a large collection of recorded music over the years that has never seen the light of day (there is probably good reason for this!)

Nevertheless, the below recordings are available now,some are commercial reissues and some on a made to order basis. (ie. you want it i'll make it for you!)
The CD's encompass music dating back from the 70's till the present day and range from, live gigs, rehearsals, studio recordings, solo experimental work and doodling's(?), choral guitar music, bootlegs of bootlegs and anything else I can find in the attic!

Of course, all this would be a bloody waste of time if nobody was interested in hearing any of it so, let me know how many you want and when! happydays@lotsawatts.co.uk

All CD's and Vinyl's are priced individually. Please email bg@lotsawatts.co.uk for prices.


Slaughter on Shaftesbury Avenue

“Intence jazz-rock fusion of the highest quality.
Goddings guitar playing should please fans of Mclaughlin and Holdsworth to no end. Heartily recommended to all fusion fans”
Dave Wayne,Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

First released in 1988 on reckless records (vinyl only), this CD re-master is an extended version of the original with a far superior sound and production.

Available from: www.TheWildPlaces.com
Also available from me in either CD or vinyl
(last 25 copies!)

This record is reviewed in depth at www.touchingextremes.org


Mirage ‘Now you see it’
Jazzrock Fusion.
George Khan. Tenor/ soprano saxe’s
Dave Sheen . Drums/ percussion
Steve Cook. Electric/ Arco Bass
Brian Godding. Electric/Accoustic/Tenor Gtrs.

Stop Press!

Available now! the album has been commercially reissued on the Vocalion label, 'Modern British jazz reissue series'with added bonus live recordings of the band from the famous Dingwalls club in London. Plenty of sparks flying about here!

Do also visit the Vocalion site, www.duttonvocalion.co.uk for updates and to browse the extreemly comprehensive catalogue of music from all genres on offer.

Incidentally, you are still able to purchase this reissue,Vocalion 'CDSML 8431', from me !!!


Kevin Westlake. Stars Fade’’ in hotel rooms’
Singer/ songwriter with division 1 backing band!
Ex Blossie’s one and only solo album (GREAT)

Rest in peace my friend

Brian Godding. Kebab ‘ala’ Twang.
Solo Gtr synth improvisations from the 1980s.Terry Burrows said that he could imagin this may be well what Pat Metheny would sound like if he sacked his band and did it all himself,, I take that as a compliment,, I think ?!

This record is reviewed in depth at www.touchingextremes.org

Brian Godding . The Colour of Sound.
Solo Gtr improvisation from the 1980s
various pieces using the soundstage and percussion and harmonics as the prime motive. NOT your usual pitter patter scrape and clatter! Pretty dam musical if I say so myself!!

This record is reviewed in depth at www.touchingextremes.org

B B Blunder. Workers’ Playtime
Digital cut of the original masters from three of the Blossom Toes.
Brian Godding. Kevin Westlake, Brian Belshaw. With guest vocal backing from Julie Driscoll and guest appearance of Mick Taylor playing slide gtr on Newday

This is the official European reissue of the album which includes two bonus tracks never released before and a comprehensive 24 page booklet in both English and German with many new photos. Superb production on Longhair Records,LHC00046, Do check out their exellent catalogue at www.longhairmusic.de

PS,, available from me as well !


Official June- 2007 release of the Blossom Toes albums ( CD & Vinyl) on Sunbeam Records.

40 yrs. after the first release of, We are ever so Clean, I’m deliriously happy to announce that we have finally taken control of our music and in conjunction with Sunbeam records are proud to reissue to you, both albums plus a plethora of out takes and live recordings from the band.

With contributions from the members ( apart from the late Kevin Westlake, R.I.P. mate) and photos not seen before.

So ,,, bin your bootlegs and get the genuine articles !

Also ,, please bare in mind that some of your hard earned cash will, for the FIRST time in 40 yrs. , find it’s way back to the artists who , composed, created and performed the music.

Please visit , www.sunbeamrecords.com or, www.soundlinkmusic.com for more info’ and places to buy (also check out their catalogues of other fine and overlooked artists and albums from the sixties and seventies !).

The CD's are also available from me, happydays@lotsawatts.co.uk i


Full Monte. Spark in the Dark.
Improvising Jazz quartet
Tony Marsh. Drums
Chris Biscoe . Alto sax/ soprano sax/ bass clarinete
Marcio Mattos, Accoustic / proccessed Bass
Brian Godding. Gtr/ Gtr Synth.
Melodic and constuctive jazz improvisation with power.

Improvising jazz quintet led by trumpet player Ian Smith.
Ian Smith, Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Mark Sanders, Drums
Thebe Lipere, Percussion
Marcio Mattos, Accoustic / proccessed Bass / Chello
Brian Godding, Gtr/ Gtr Synth.

Blossom Toes. Live in Sweden !
CD version of the infamous bootleg
You wannit? I’ve got it!


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