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Trannie Amps

I’ve never been a big fan, but you inevitably have to use them in your travels.

They all generally suffer the same dilemma of lacking, response, tone and warmth but a few examples broke the mould in my opinion and these are:

Sessionette 75

I’ve still got one of these little combos and it really was quite a revelation when it appeared in the 80’s(?). A well thought out preamp with clever overdrive circuits delivers a well usable and full sound and this made it very popular with jazz rock players. Virtual Valves? Nearly!

Roland Cube 60

This little beast was akin to the Sessionette with it’s raunchy usable sound but not quite as ‘Virtual’, if you get my drift!

Roland JC 120

I’ve used this amp a lot whilst touring with the Mike Westbrook bands over the years.

You can specify this combo anywhere on the planet and ( if its working properly), rest assured it’ll perform exactly the same as the rest( now that’s quality control for you!).

But its main claim to fame is the application of a ‘suedo stereo’ chorus effect between the two speakers which transforms a rather bland amp into something really pleasant to strum through.

These are the amps which stick in my mind( for good or bad reasons) but I’ve used loads more. Some things really are best forgotten! Dont you agree?

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